Medina's Contract; a Historical Sample on the conflict Resolution

Document Type : Research Paper



Islam's Prophet (PBUH) set the contract of Medina as the first documented constitution in the arena of Islam to clarify the relationships of Muslim and non-Muslim residents in Medina and also the relationship with the people out of Medina.
This contract is of highly importance in terms of the conflict Resolution. The applied and predicted methods in it has made it manifest as the most efficient samples concerning the conflict Resolution. The present article is to answer this question that through the comparative evaluation of Medina's contract with the new approaches of the conflict Resolution in the west, what similar cases between these two approaches could be found? It is assumed that despite the existence of cultural diversities in both cases, it is endeavored to settle the disputes through the approach of determining mediator present in the contract of Medina, dividing the conflict into the smaller elements, determining principles, and accepting the planned system of mediation and higher authority.  Such a structure which was so promoted in it's time and made a permanent peace in the community would be unique, faultless and also stronger compared with the current approaches of conflict Resolution in the west. Such features present in the contract of Medina except it from a limited regional contract and puts it in the array of the most promoted principles of the conflict Resolution.